Need help pairing a monoprice 4 in 1 sensor to smart things hub

Any advice how to pair the sensor to the hub

I had to get close to the hub and make sure you’re using a paper clip or pin to push in the switch at the bottom of the sensor. Manual wasn’t very clear about it. I had to look at one of the reviews to figure it out.

To install Monoprice 15902 PIR multi sensor:
Use something to push the button inside a tiny ROUND hole at the bottom of the unit TWICE quickly after starting ST discovery.
I am using this device handler. Led mode 1 turns LED off instead of 3.
Can’t get the illumination alert to work, but motion works quickly.
It takes an hour or 2 for the settings to take effect, so just wait before you change the settings again.

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after adding device updated the device handler in web ui to zooz 4 in 1 sensor and everything seems to work.

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