Zipato RGBW bulb pairing

Hi I am migrating my devices from indigo to smartthings

I had some issues getting this light bulb connected. I have seen that others have been able to do it. The bulb is now reset and has been excluded from old z wave setup

My problem is a distance one. my Hub is down a flight of stairs. With indigo I was able to connect and manage it no problems. But getIng it to pair is a bit messy. I was wondering if anyone knows wether you can do pairings while just on battery power? Can I unplug my Hub bring it up close to the. Bulb to do my pairing?

So I am having issues pairing that light bulb. with my smarthings.

Here is what I have done so far.

I made sure it was excluded from previous setup(using indigo)
Got myself a lamp and planted it about a foot away from the hub and tried repeatedly to add it. I tap it it goes green (as expected) and then goes off… did this repeatedly and my hub has not detected it.

Any suggestions?

I am indeed.

Thanks for the reply.

Just checked ide nothing unexpected…no ghost devices.

Here is hoping I will find it tomorrow!