Zipato RFID Keypad. Smartthings needs to fix this

My smart home stopped working so I had to reset my hub and now my Zipato RFID Keypads is not working anymore. Apparantly, the device handler only worked in classic and not this new app. Smartthings needs to fix this. Make a device handler for this that works please. I have three of them and was very happy with now my home worked. I don’t want to leave smartthings for something else but I don’t want to be without my keypads and buying something else is unneccerary money when I had something that worked well.

Can you explain what you mean by not working anymore? Are you able to add the keypads to the hub but they don’t work or are you having problems just getting the keypad to reconnect to the hub after a hub reset. If the problem is the latter, since the keypads are Zwave, you will have to do a general exclude before you add them back to what is essentially a “new” hub.

I might be mistaken, but I don’t think the app migration affected device handlers. It’s been quite a while since I migrated, so I’m not absolutely sure about that.

I could add them to the hubb after a little fiddling around but the device handler isn’t compatible with the new app according to the developer. I’m supposed to get options in the main menu to register rfid tags and they are not there, making it useless.

edit: here is his post.

The DTHs I have seen for that device (one a tweak of the other) are unofficial community written handlers using multiple repetitions of similar custom commands and attributes. I guess the use of component/child devices might not have been so mainstream back then (I wasn’t using SmartThings in 2017), though that is a bit of a side issue.

I guess the custom commands and attributes were the issue as they’d never really been encouraged and it was known that the mobile app UI wouldn’t support them, and it sounds like they were being used for configuration purposes which is why it was perceived as a bit of a stopper. Custom capabilities (June 2020) would be the obvious fix and were around by the time the Classic app was finally turned off (circa October 2020 I believe), though not as mature as they perhaps needed to be.

It was never a total stopper, it just meant third party tools like webCoRE needed to be brought in to play until the DTH was updated to work with the apps. Sounds like it never was.

Is that the issue or is there more to the story?

I have no idea. I am way to much of a noob about the technical side. :slight_smile:
I know how to add a DTH but I have no idea of how to make one.