Zipato pin pad with SmartThings?

Does anyone know if the zipato RFID keypad can work with Smartthings?
Is there a possibility to make a device type for it?

We’ve discussed this in the past and the short answer, since it’s zwave, is likely that it can be managed as a Z wave lock, but I don’t know that anyone has actually written a device handler for it yet.

See the following discussion.

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You should be able to set a routine to disarm the system if you have a z-wave lock with a keypad.
I have a Schlage FE599NX that i have enabled to turn off a motion sensor when it is unlocked.
I do not have a full security set up yet but seems promising so far.
Hope this helps.

I just finished creating a device handler for the Zipato (a.k.a. Benext / Wintop) RFID tag reader. So far as I know, this is the only working solution out there at the moment. It’s working well for me so far, and finally allows me to give house guests a way to disarm the security system (and allows me to disarm it if my phone is out of juice). The device looks like a switch on your network (home=off, away=on), which allows you to automate against it with regular SmartApps. You can register 9 RFID tags or user codes. It’s working well for me so far. I hope you find it useful too. Look in the readme file for instructions on how to get it working for you.