Centralite Keypad -Does anyone know of a device handler for the new Smartthings App? (September 2020)

My Centralite (Iris) Keypad stopped working when the app moved away from classsic smartthings in September 2020. It worked perfectly using mitchPonds device handler. Now it shows connected to home hub on my phone, but it does not respond when I try to change mode from disarmed to away or visa versa on the phone. The keypad appears to be functioning correctly when at the keypad, but has no impact on the smartthings hub mode or activities. if I press the panic alert, there is no response from the alarm Aeon alarm device. It was working perfectly before the upgrade.

I put a question into smartthings support, but their answer was that they do not support this device. (Really?). I saw that there is a device handler posted by Rboy, but the handler cost twice the price of the keypad. I loved how this keypad worked, but does anyone know of another keypad or device handler?

Rboy’s is the only one I know of, but remember what you are paying for is lifetime access to the entire library of his code, not just for one DTH. I don’t know whether that’s worth it to you or not, but he has a lot of good stuff in there. :sunglasses: