Help Creating Device Type for Zipato Mini Keypad

I just purchased a z-wave Zipato Mini Keypad RFiD. I was able to connect it to my network as a non-functioning switch. However, no existing device type fit the bill. I’ve only gotten so far as to pulling a fingerprint (0 0 0x4000 0 0 0 9 0x85 0x80 0x84 0x86 0x72 0x71 0x70 0x25 0x63). Help. What do I do now? The online instructions assume more knowledge than I have. Please be gentle… I’ve never touched this sort of code before and honestly have no idea what the scope of work is.


How many switches are you looking to support?

I’d like to use this device as way of entering a code via the keypad (or by swiping an rfid keyfob) to change modes (away, home, stay)… Not controlling switches dirrectly.

Any progress on getting this working?

No. Sent the unit back while still within the 30 day return window.

Here’s what I’ve found out.

Zipato is a Croatian company that makes a SmartThings type multi protocol hub. They have rebranded the keypad, which is actually made by BeNext, a Dutch company.

The keypad is certified by the Z Wave Alliance only for Europe. (Europe and the U.S. have different zwave frequencies. The U.S. frequency starts with 9, Europe with 8.)

The conformance statement for the european certification says it will self identify as a entry control device, which most zwave controllers identify as a door lock.

zipato has a U.S. distributor, Home Controls, Inc. They’re the ones selling through Amazon. Their spec sheet says the one they sell is broadcasting on the U.S. frequency, but you’d need to check each device to be sure you got the right one.

Vera sells both a U.S. and a European version of their controller. After looking briefly at their forums, the only people I saw who said they had this keypad working were Europeans. (Probably not coincidentally, the community tutorial there for the device is in French.)

Even so, most people reporting there can’t get the key fobs to work as described unless they live in Europe and are using the zipato hub.

Bottom line:

Zwave certified for Europe, but not the US.

If purchasing for use in the US, verify that you have the U.S. hardware, not Europe (radio frequency starts with 9, not 8)

It should use the entry control device class, which will probably pair as a doorlock.

I’m not sure ST provides any way to process input from the keyfob.

If anyone gets it working, let us know. :blush:


It looks like there is a US version and it works correctly with the US version of the Zipato hub (according to an Amazon reviewer), but after looking at the documentation it looks to be using some command classes that are probably not normally used to support an access control device.

Forgive me for any ignorance as I don’t actually own a ST hub yet, but am researching it’s use as a security system. How hard would it be to write a custom SmartApp to handle this device if you had the detailed command sequences (see linked PDF)? I am a software developer by trade (both real-time embedded and desktop/server), so I am not too worried about figuring this out, just want to know if it is possible before I start buying hardware.

Did this ever get done - or was there a workaround ?

I have one now, and looking to use the RFID to lock/unlock the door etc…

I just finished creating a device handler for this device (the Zipato RFID tag reader a.k.a. Benext / Wintop RFID tag reader). So far as I know, this is the only working solution out there at the moment. It’s working well for me so far, and finally allows me to give house guests a way to disarm the security system (and allows me to disarm it if my phone is out of juice). The device looks like a switch on your network (home=off, away=on), which allows you to automate against it with regular SmartApps. You can register 9 RFID tags or user codes. It’s working well for me so far. I hope you find it useful too. Look in the readme file for instructions on how to get it working for you.

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Hi, thanks for your DH ! works perfectly
I am trying to find compatible RFID tags … as my son keeps loosing them.
Zipato’s are quite expensive, any advice on cheap ones ? Thanks