Zipato Smart Combustible Gas Sensor [Alpha]


Please give me your feedback for the next DTH.

Thank you

Hey there thanks for writing this! It seems to me that the device monitoring is not working for some reason. I have two devices both located close to the hub but periodically they both say device unavailable. One of them seeems to correct periodically but not for long - eventually it shows as device unavailable again. Any ideas?

What happened to this project for the Zipato Smart Combustible Gas Sensor? Zigbee or Zwave?

Hi Adyku,
The github link appears to be offline. Could you restore it? Thanks

Problems fixed. Let me know if anything goes wrong.


Hi Adyku - installed the latest version but still getting device not detected when device monitoring is turned on?

If you have Zipato HM-HS1CG-M. US
then this will work :
More info : Zigbee gas detector for kitchen