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Does ZigBee 2.4GHz supported?

I’m in a country that not allow to work with both z-wave frequencies, only  2.4GHz  and 433MHz, if yes is there a way to have the smartthings controller open only for the 2.4GHz frequency?


Hey lior,


ZigBee is indeed 2.4 GHz. May I ask which country does not allow the Z-Wave frequency? It’s really up to the governments communications agency as too what we’re allowed to sell in their country.

Hi Andrew, I’m from Israel and we can use the 2.4GHz we are also not allowed to use 5.0GHz.


I took a look into allowed frequencies for Israel and found 2 sources which say frequencies of 915-917 are allowed. Z-Wave definitely has radios that will fit nicely within that range.

Take a look at this map and document. I searched the Ministry of Communications for more information, but didn’t come up with much. I also found a few Z-Wave vendors who say they have sales partners in Israel. I don’t think there should be any problems! :smiley:

Thank you Andrew,

I’ll have to double check it with the Israeli Ministry of Communication.

Meanwhile, can you confirm that the  868 frequency support can be completely removed

Can you specify the vendor names?



Hi Lior,

I am not sure what is the magnitude of the network you are planning but you might find the analyzer from Perytons useful for your debugging stages - www.perytons.com.

They provide a 30 days free evaluation in their website and if you have any of the compatible front-ends they support, you can use it for capturing your own data even during the trial period.
BTW they have solutions for 2.4GHz, Sub-1-GHz and 433 MHz networks.

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I can’t confirm that we will produce a hub without Z-Wave. Since Z-Wave comes in multiple frequencies, there will most likely be one that fits most countries required specifications.

What is the preset Zigbee frequency for US? I noticed my wireless network been slowing down. I need to isolate the problems. Thank you.

Hi Soon Fatt Hoo,
As far as I know ZigBee is specified to run on ISM frequency bands (both in the 2.4GHz and Sub 1 GHz bands). In the 2.4GHz band ZigBee defines 16 channels and in the Sub 1 GHz another 11.
If you are experiencing some slow response in your ZigBee network you might have other users of your ISM channels (WiFi, etc.).
You can have a look here and learn about the different channels and their frequencies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.15.4
’The Physical Layer’.
If I may also suggest, you could use a sniffer tool (we use Perytons here - . They have a passive scan feature where you can scan your 2.4 or Sub 1 GHz environment and see how congested is the RF environment you are working in (you need to have one of their supported market available front-ends for that and you can d this with their 30 days free evaluation downloadable package).
Hope this helps.