Supported Zigbee frequency


Aside from the 2.4Ghz frequency on Zigbee, does the SmartThings Hub also support the Zigbee 915 MHz (Americas and Australia)? Thanks!

2.4GHz only. I believe all ZigBee pro profiles are 2.4

Would there be interference since it operates on the same frequency of my home WiFi network?

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Potentially, but these devices use a separate channel on that Freq. But, they do note that one of the troubleshooting steps is to move the ST Hub away from your WI-Fi hub, as being too close can potentially cause some issues.

How far apart would be ideal?

As far as the cable we provide allows. Under normal circumstances you won’t notice any issues but when you have 5x Sonos, an Apple TV, a Chromecast, a SmartThings Hub and 20 other 2.4GHz devices in a metal cabinet it’s best to give them all some room.

Cool thanks for the information, i’ll stick to zigbee rather than z-wave in this case