Zigbee ZLL GU10 RGBW (Unbranded Shenzhen Liyongde Technology)

Have looked on this forum but can’t see any posts for this particular bulb:

Has anyone tried and got them working successfully ?


If no one responds and you want to buy one to test chances are pretty good it will work with the existing ZLL-RGBW-Bulb DTH.

It does not appear to be a zigbee certified product (note no logo) nor to have any of the usual electrical safety certifications. Not sure whether it will work with SmartThings or not, but personally, I wouldn’t use it.

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It looks like the advertising of Gledopto brand.

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Maybe copy and paste.

Thanks all, certainly looks like the one on AliExpress.

Specs from there show CE certification:

  • Brand Name:GLEDOPTO
  • Item Type:Spotlight
  • Light Source:LED Bulbs
  • Power Source:AC
  • Usage:Holiday
  • Certification:RoHS,CE,LVD,EMC
  • Model Number:GL-S-003Z
  • Features:ZIGBEE
  • Power Tolerance:5%
  • Finish:Nickel
  • Is Dimmable:Yes
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Voltage:110-240V
  • Body Material:Aluminum
  • Color:RGBW

As recommended, think I’ll just but one and see


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Gledopto are certified, But you would think if it was that brand, which is fairly well-known, the eBay seller would mention it.

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Can’t find Gledopto in the Zigbee database for GU10 bulbs

Grtn Ben

For whatever reason, the zigbee alliance is very slow to update their database, unlike the Z wave alliance. But you can write and ask the manufacturer for a copy of their certification.

Gledopto does use the zigbee logo prominently in their marketing materials.

They are listed as an “adopter“ member on the official zigbee site. But it’s not unusual for a product to take a year or even more to show up in the products database.

Here a photo of a Gledopto RGB controller I have bought recently. No Zigbee logo.

Nice start of Gledopto to be member of Zigbee. Now time to start Certifying.

I’m a proud member of SmartThings! :joy:

Grtn Ben

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I got 3 of it … it doesn’t work with Samsung smart things hub …

B4 u pay a smart things ( light , outlet , sensors … erc) try to check the samsung SmartThings website products then decide

Can you post a picture of the controller?

It actually does work with SmartThings: