Zigbee ZHA or 3.0 momentary relay (US)?

Like some people use for a garage door.

Looking for a ZHA or zigbee 3.0 equivalent to a mimolite or Sonoff inching relay.

It’s for a friend who has a automated lift bed that they want to control with Amazon echo plus with the local automation so it will work when the Internet is out.

I know how to do it with the sonoff inching relay, but I don’t want to use a Wi-Fi device for this because that won’t work if the Internet is out.

I know I’m usually the one who answers this kind of question, but I’m having vision issues and I don’t remember ever reading about one of these. So I just thought I’d ask if anybody has come across one.

Amazon echo does have local voice control, but only for the devices which are directly connected to the echo plus. Hence zigbee. :sunglasses:

Hi @JDRoberts,

With my migration from zwave to zigbee, I’m in the same boat looking for the same thing.

I’m down to finding a relay like you’re looking for, an HEM (like Aeon’s), and micro controllers (like the Aeon’s). I found a Taiwan company that has a fairly decent selection of devices, but I’m not getting any replies to my inquiries, and I can’t find any U.S. suppliers.

The company I’m trying to reach is Climax Technology Co., Ltd.

Here’s a good example of one device I want: (I can write the DTH too)

Here are their relays:

They have a ton of devices! They do serve the U.S. market, but for elderly care devices from what I’ve seen so far: http://www.climax.com.tw/health-care.php

They were just in Vegas for a trade show, but unfortunately none of my business travels were taking me there at the same time, otherwise I would have tracked them down.

Do you have any connections to help locate US suppliers or contacts for these guys?

I know of climax technologies as the kind of company that sells 1000 pieces at a time. I’ll see if anybody I know knows of any other distribution channels for them.

There are a bunch of cheap on/off zigbee micros out right now, aiming for the echo plus market, all using the same case, but I don’t trust the fire safety on those and I haven’t been able to figure out who the manufacturer is. They are claiming some safety certifications I’m pretty sure they don’t have and I haven’t found an FCC license.

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Heard back from a friend who said that in Europe the climax zigbee security system is sold under the name “Vesta“ and there are some individual security companies there that will sell single pieces like a sensor. But he didn’t know of any channels in the US other than the same commercial channels I’ve heard of and he didn’t know of anybody selling the relay although it’s in their catalog.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot as far as micros, sunricher just certified a couple to the 3.0 standard if that helps. But nothing momentary.

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Yup, found those too. Are they dimmers though? They look similar to RGBgenie’s devices too. I’d have these supporting small kitchen appliances, and I need more than their current watts will support.

I think they have both.

They may be manufactured in the same factory and using the same cases as RGB genie, but they are different companies with different certifications.

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So Googling and searching through all the garbage helped me find this in Australia:

Not cheap, but hey it may be a lead to something else…

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Yeah, that’s a rebranded climax technologies device. Yale is a security company, similar to ADT, in most UK and former empire countries.