Zigbee universality

I am just getting to learn about smart home automation, I’m set to move into my new house in a year or so, and being kind of a tech geek I have a home backbone of hardwired cat7a cable, I live in Kenya and my only option is to order the smartthings hub from either the US or UK,for this reason I am planing to use all zigbee devices so that incase I have to change my hub later the devices will still be supported, I do understand the drawbacks of zigbee in terms of its range and interference with WiFi but in my situation in makes sense. I would love any input suggestions and warning before I get started with the project, thank you

Zigbee is one frequency across the globe, though the us devices have a slightly higher RF power, maybe @JDRoberts knows the specifics on the power output differences.

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The zigbee details are in the following thread. :sunglasses:

In addition to the power level issue, it’s important to understand that the zigbee standard allows for different profiles, including manufacturer proprietary profiles, and those profiles cannot all talk to each other.

Zigbee is a very low power protocol, and so it is popular in China, and there are many inexpensive devices available from there – – but most of them use a different profile than SmartThings and cannot be made to work with it.

So if you want SmartThings compatibility you need to look for devices that use the zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2). You may still need custom code to get the integration to work, but at least it should be possible.