ZigBee switch roller shutter SM-SW101-ZC

I want to use SM-SW101-ZC as a roller a shutter. This is Zigbee Smart Curtain Switch.
It connect to Tuya Hub so I guess it can also be connected to SmartThings. Is that possible ? Can you recommend a device handler ?
Any Help is welcome…

If you look at the links below there are similar products from Zemismart where it indicates it is compatible with Smartthings. But it is a bit odd, that there isn’t any result in Google for SM-SW101-ZC.

These Chinese sellers like to put catchy phrases in advertisements to attract customers. And looking at the pictures there isn’t any Zigbee logo on the product, only wifi written on it. But the Hub requirement suggest that it should be indeed Zigbee.

@JDRoberts might have more intel on these products.

The “ZC” means it’s zigbee for the Chinese market. Those are sold for use with their own gateway, I don’t think they will work with SmartThings.

(Not all zigbee devices will, they use different profiles.)

Xenon uses the same case for models using WiFi or Zwave or Zigbee.

The zwave versions do work for basic features, the other two do not, although you may be able to get a cloud to cloud integration in the new app through the Global Suite integration. But that’s not guaranteed and
I haven’t heard of anyone using it with the curtain switch yet.

More importantly is that although these are sold for the US market, they don’t fit standard US switch boxes! They’re too wide. :disappointed_relieved: see the Amazon reviews for the WiFi model (again, the cases are identical).

So while the button design is nice, I don’t think they’ll work for most people in the US.

Zemismart seems to have an identical product.

The same from Aliexpress

Many Chinese companies use identical cases. But the internals and in particular the firmware, are different.

Zemismart is the same case as Xenon, but a different company with different compatibility. Their zigbee switches are supposed to work with SmartThings, but you have the same problem with the box size. However, Zemismart tell US customers to cut a new hole in the drywall and install the switch horizontally, so they get fewer complaints since they set expectations differently.

Zemismart also has a company representative who sometimes posts to this forum:

Smart Switch Handler of Zemismart light switch (manufacturer’s version)

Just want to inform. I’ve asked Zemismart representative regarding device handler for their Zigbee curtain wall switch.

Her answer was :

Looks like it can be the solution to my initial request. I’ll update when received.

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I’ve been testing this over the past few days,

The generic DH seems to be opening and closing the blind, but the app does not update once the blind reaches it end cycle, and remains in (partially open) state.

Also, the % slider doesn’t’ work and i cannot partially open the blinds, just fully open and fully closed.

Confirmed, i got the same behavior.

Also, on the old app, can use the pause buttom to partially open (or close) but not in the new smartthing app.

The switch is working fine for me, open/close/pause.

The app is not working as should, no feedback from switch giving position.

I’m using zemismart curtain switch, it’s working with smartthings hub v3 us version, you need a custom device handlers to get working, i’m using 3A : Nue ZigBee Blind Switch device handler, also i’ve tried other curtian switch device handlers on the internet, nearly all of them works but every of them has a different bug.

i don’t recommend at all, because there is no local execution so no advantage of zigbee, just buy a wifi curtian switch and use it via iftt it’s same operation.

Any update on the best DTH for the zemismart curtain?