Zemismart Zigbee Curtain Switch - Help needed

Hi all,

I am quite new into this world and community and I am enlarging my smart home little by little.

My last acquisition has been the following Zemismart Zigbee Curtain switch:

I have made it work by assigning as Device Type: “ZigBee Window Shade”

From the device itself I can Open, Close and Pause so at least is working. However the % for the position and predefined position is not working. That wouldn’t be a problem if I could create a Scene or Automation to open only Half blind, but from there, only Open and Close are available, there is no Pause. So right now, I just can entirely Open or Close the blinds and I would like to establish other predefined positions, which I find myself unable to make in an automated way right now.

Does anyone know any possible solution? Please notice that I have to use the New Smartthings App, since in the classic I don’t have access to Automation. It is a pity because maybe I could have done it with webCore, but this is not an option at this moment.

Many thanks!

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i have the same exact problem

i guess it needs another device handler