Zigbee Support to be Discontinued in Smatthings?

I heard through a third party that SmartThings will discontinue support for Zigbee in their hub.

Is this rumor or fact?

Can someone point me to reputable authentic link to confirm this?

I haven’t heard anything like this and don’t believe this is true

OK … .thanks. I couldn’t find anything on this

Anything but, i ditched most of my z-wave devices for zigbee ones as they appear to be getting all the attention lately, are much faster and most even execute locally in Smartthings

It’s a little more complicated than that.

Samsung has decided they no longer want to sell or support smartthings branded devices. However, they will still provide the cloud platform and the app. So they are identifying other companies to be the manufacturer partners for the “works as a Smartthings Hub” hubs and for the zigbee devices.

The identified partner for both the North American region and the UK/EU region is aeotec, and these devices are starting to become available.

The first ones look to be identical to the previous SmartThings branded ones, just with a new logo. And yes, that includes the line of zigbee devices.

Where someone might have become confused is that up until now Aeotec has only manufactured Z wave devices, not zigbee.

However, rather than Aeotec taking over and only offering zwave, it appears instead that this new partnership is a means for Aeotec to begin offering Zigbee Devices also.

Official announcements and discussion in the following thread:

An Update Regarding our Hardware
Zigbee products • Aeotec


Thanks for the clarification

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Who is the third party that you heard this from?

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