Is Samsung SmartThings Discontinued? (Jan 2024)

Hello, my name is Sanjeev Mansotra. I have some doubts can someone help!
Is Samsung SmartThings discontinued? Can SmartThings control TV? How many devices it can handle?
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Samsung SmartThings as a home automation platform is not discontinued.

Various individual hubs, devices, apps, and features have been discontinued from time to time, and Samsung reserves the right to change anything at any time, including device support. (That’s in the terms of service that you agree to when you first set up a SmartThings account.)

For example, in 2023, Samsung dropped smartthings features that were used with any Samsung televisions older than 2018 even though previously, they had worked fine. it can happen. :man_shrugging:t2:

The SmartThings app will allow you to have up to 200 total devices. There may be other limitations in specific situations. For example, a single smartthings/Aeotec hub can support up to 64 directly connected, non-repeating Zigbee devices like Sengled light bulbs or batterypowered sensors. But you can increase this number by adding some mainspowered Zigbee devices like smart plugs or light switches that can act as “repeaters“ and help get messages to the hub.

Finally, some features and some devices are limited to specific regions.

So, as always, the first rule of Home Automation applies: “the model number matters.” Even in something as simple as the number of devices that you can add to your account. :thinking:

What kind of setup were you considering, and specifically, which television models did you want to use with SmartThings?


Also, specifically regarding hubs…

About three years ago, Samsung announced that it would no longer make SmartThings-branded Home Automation devices, including the hub, but that it would find hardware partners for the devices, and it would continue to develop the software platform. They then entered into an agreement with Aeotec so that Aeotec became the hardware partner for the “Works as a SmartThings hub“:

So the most current version of a hub that supports zwave and works with the SmartThings Home Automation platform is branded and sold by Aeotec. It is available in many different regions, including the EU.

Then, in late 2022, Samsung reversed themselves again, and released a new SmartThings hub called “the station“ which is branded and sold by Samsung itself. The Station supports Matter and Zigbee, but does not support Zwave. And at the present time the station is only sold in a few countries, including South Korea and the US.

SmartThings Station with Travel Adapter, Black Mobile Accessories - EP-P9500TBEGUS | Samsung US

So while the smartthings V3 hub distributed by Samsung was discontinued, It lives on as a Samsung-approved clone from Aeotec.


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