Zigbee SmartBulbs strange effect in SmartThings apps

My Zigbee SmartBulbs are working, but there’s some strange stuff happening in the SmartThings apps on both Android and iOS. When I toggle on or off any of my Smartbulbs in the app, the dimmer slider increments very slowly even though the light comes on and goes off fine. And the logs are showing 20-30 entries of different dimmer levels when the Smartbulb is turned on or off. Very strange.

Update: Even when they are turned on and off via my motion sensor Routines, the same thing happens.

Hi @DaWeav,

Wath driver are you using?

If yo use zigbee light multifunction Mc, then if preference Turn on and of transition time is > 0, then this could be the effect you see

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They were all migrated to Edge automatically so they are all using the default SmartThings driver for Zigbee switch devices which is dated 2024-01-18. But I went as far back as I could in the logs which was before 2024-01-18, and still saw all the dimmer log entries each time a Smartbulb came on and went off.

Wath bulb model are?
Some Ikea bulbs are a default transition time in the firmware
I don’t know if other manufacturers can have it too.

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This is a Osram classic when turn off from 30% level with transition time =5 sec.

Is similar to this effect?

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This is the Off history for one of my Zigbee SmartBulbs. Just a TON of log entries for no reason.

Updated:. Actually, it’s not all my SmartBulbs. My Sylvania tuneable, Sylvania color, and old Cree SmartBulbs aren’t doing this, but my non-tunable Sylvania SmartBulbs are doing this.

Maybe the Osram bulb is reporting its dim % at every increment?

Hi @Automated_House

The Osram bulb capture I posted is correct, it does that because I have it set to turn on and off with a 5 sec transition time.

By default, with transition time =0, the bulb turns on and off in a single step.

@DaWeav case is different, since he uses the stock driver and does not use custom transition time settings.

I logged into the SmartThings Advanced website and see I have three of these Sylvania LIGHTIFY A19 ON/OFF/DIM (OSRAM) non-tunable SmartBulbs online. Two of them are doing this multiple log entry when turning on and off, but one of them isn’t doing it. Very interesting.

I installed your Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc and switched the two funky SmartBulbs over to it.

One of the two using your driver transitions On with two log entries for On and 100%, and the Off logs Off with three level changes so that’s better.

The other one using your driver transitions On with four log entries for On and three level changes, and the Off logs Off with three level changes too.

Since one of the smartbulbs is working fine, I switched the two funky SmartBulbs back to the SmartThings Driver. Then I reset them. One of the two SmartBulbs is now working normally, but the other one is still doing this funky on/off level logging thing after two reset attempts. So I’ll probably have to delete and readd it I guess.

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