Compatible zigbee bulbs and strips that fade off/on?

I recently bought a Smartthings WIFI hub and some sensors. I’m looking for compatible zigbee lights (bulbs and strips) that will not turn on/off instantly when triggered by sensors. I want a short dimming effect. I bought a few Sengled lights and they don’t have this feature.

Can someone confirm which brands will do this?

Any brand should be able to do this, but it’s not standard. Check out WebCore and their community forum. You may find some examples there of how to write a Piston to do this.

Can you give me the name of a brand that does this out of the box? As I said, my Sengled bulbs/strip don’t. Will Smartthing’s own bulbs do it?

Unfortunately, no. I know of no brand that does this. I see a use for it, but it’s a special case. Making it a standard would be counterintuitive to the 99% that would not want this.

Maybe someone else will chime in with another option.

All of the cheap tuya wifi globes I’ve seen do this out of the box. I’m sure a lot of people prefer their lights to turn off/on slowly. It looks nicer. It’s less straining on the eye.

Are you saying all lights that i add to Smartthings will only turn on/off instantly by default?

Is this simple to fix with webcore?

I’m not aware of any lights that do this by default with SmartThings.
WebCore can do about anything, but a simple setup, not likely.
There’s hope Tuya will eventually integrate with SmartThings through a cloud to cloud connection. But hard to say when or if it will ever happen.

In that case, I’m pretty disappointed with SmartThings. My cheap wifi globes dim on/off, they all turn on at the same time, and the Smart Life app allows them to do effects like colour loop and candle flicker, which can be activated by voice. And all of this is done without a hub.

If I knew that SmartThings can’t do any of this, without spending hours/days writing code that is still not guaranteed to work, I wouldn’t have bought the damn hub.

May as well pay a little extra and get phillips Hue.