Zigbee routing information for Edge connected devices

Is there a way to see the Zigbee routing information of Edge driver connected devices?

There isn’t at the time of this post using IDE. IDE only shows routing for the legacy groovy platform.

The lack of debugging and status information like routing from Edge devices is the one thing keeping me from migrating. I use the IDE constantly for both zwave and ZigBee devices.

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Is there any update or plan to add Zigbee (and Zwave) device specific data to the CLI? Routing information, signal strength, etc. Is it soon? Never?


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I believe some kind of routing information is available through the CLI, but I’m not sure of the details.

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I looked thru all the devices commands and couldn’t find anything. This is on CLI version 1.0.0 beta 9.

EDIT: updated to 1.0.0 beta 10 today. Still not there.

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A long, long, time ago, battery events vanished from the device events history overnight without comment. Reading the developer documentation much later gave the impression that the battery was considered part of the ‘health’ of a device, as were things like the signal strength. So I’ve always hoped we were going to see significant developments with the device health endpoint. Not a sniff so far though.

There are a few ZigBee and Z-Wave bits and bobs in the devices endpoint but no sign of any routing information yet. It was possible to read it in Groovy Device Handlers, though I’ve long since forgotten how, so I can’t imagine it isn’t lurking somewhere. I’d like to think it isn’t available because something better is coming along, but then I like to think when the legacy platform sunsets a whole lot of toys will see the light of day.

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I hope so. But without this information (zwave routing, zwave clusters, zigbee routing, etc) it makes me shy away from using Edge in a production capacity today. I really want to, and the last couple devices I added started using their Edge counterparts but its difficult to lose the basic troubleshooting abilities for Zwave and Zigbee that were available in the past. For Z-wave I can add a secondary PC controller and see the routing/neighbor information there, but its not as handy as it should be.

For zwave we do get the security level, so theres some zwave specific details being bubbled up:

I know the routes which show if the device is connected directly to the Hub or if there are other devices involved, are not available.

But, the logcat command helps you to check the sent and received messages, you can also see the supported clusters when you join the device.
Also, you could get more info from the Device and Driver instances.

Ever? Or just not on the current CLI?

These are the fields I regularly use from the old IDE that don’t appear to be in the CLI that are helpful in maintaining a Zwave network in production:

For Zigbee:


I know that @Mariano_Colmenarejo “Zigbee Thing Mc” driver shows some of the information we have in Groovy, but I was not able yet to take a look how he did this.