Finding "Metrics" for a device via RestAPI

I have been using the RestAPI to get information about my devices so I can do some analytics on the data. I want to add the information listed via the site under “Metrics” (info like: Last Hop LQI, Last Hop RSSI, etc), but I have been unable to find the info via any of the RestAPIs.

Can anyone confirm if the information is available or not?

Interesting that you asked this question because I’ve raised a few tickets about this and other related information with the engineers about it.

Right now the Metrics information available through edge Drivers and DTH’s and not through any RestAPI AFAIK. What’s also missing is other information like the firmware data which isn’t available anywhere for Drivers or RestAPI’s except through DTH’s.

It seems to be ‘or not’ at the moment, at least in the public v1 API.