Zigbee modules (in-wall dimmers/relays) on the market? (Sweden)

I am struggling to find zigbee versions of smart in-wall switches and dimmers to install behind my existing plastic ”wall-switches” for an invisible look.
Instead of using z-wave versions (Fibaro, Qubino, Aeon).

Preferrebly on electricity to achieve a solid zigbee mesh.

I have managed to find one brand (Ubisys), but they are very expensive (120 Euro)

Please list below the ones you have found on the market!

GE/Jasco makes some…not sure where you live…these might be US only.

I live in Sweden/Europe. However zigbee should work anywhere (but size/shape of module might differ)
Do you have a link?

You’re right…I forgot that Zigbee frequencies are worldwide (unlike Z-Wave). here is a link: https://byjasco.com/products/ge-zigbee-wall-smart-switch and it looks like an overview page here: https://byjasco.com/products/category/home-automation-security/zigbee-lighting-automation

Those aren’t micros. They are all in one switches and they fit the US size and voltage, so I don’t think someone in Europe would be interested.

There’s an existing thread on this (this is a clickable link)

But the short answer is that there aren’t many. Orvibo made one for the European market, but it’s become very hard to find.

Why are you looking for zigbee instead of Z wave?

If WiFi would be an option, then you can use a Sonoff in-wall module.

Integration is a little complex, but there are lots of community members using them just because they’re so inexpensive. :sunglasses:

[RELEASE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)

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This is the one I have found yet. Through very expensive!

That’s a zigbee 3.0 device. I think it will work with the newest V3 hub, although it may need custom code. It probably will not work with the older hubs.

The Orvibo relay works with the zigbee ZHA profile, and should work with any of the smartthings hubs. If you can find one to buy.

Son off is a very interesting option, since it is electrified it should work over time.

The reason I am planning to install my next apt with Zigbee is that I believe the speed is much faster if installing 10+ in wall dimmers/relays.

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