Zigbee HA Metering Controller 4040B - How do I get Load 2 to work on Smartthings?


(James Avery) #1

I received the Zigbee HA Metering Controller 4040B and I’m able to get Load 1 to be seen by Smartthings. However, I’m unable to connect Load 2 to Smartthings app.


(Zach Huett) #2

Only currently available to turn both relays on/off at once. Not individually addressable. Will pair as SmartPower Outlet. Energy Metering currently in development. Device is also a wireless repeater.

(Zach Huett) #3

@JAvery How did you pair the device? I am about to install one!

(Zach Huett) #4

(James Avery) #5

I used the instructions came in the box. Pretty easy. Make sure you have zigbee connection close to it. Otherwise, you will fight yourself.

(Zach Huett) #6

Thanks @jAvery didi you pair ir as a Samsung Smartthings Outlet?

(James Avery) #7

yepper. just make sure it’s within 30ft or less.

(Zach Huett) #8

Good deal! My electrician should be installing it tomorrow. Donyou know if there is a way to turn it on and off locally? If the internet goes down, etc?

(James Avery) #9

yes, there is a black button on the front. it’s kinda weird to figure it out. But you have to hold it down for #1, then it will show both a different color, but #2 won’t work with our smartthings

You can look it up on the company’s website.

I did all of my wiring myself. just need to get the colors correct and make sure you turn off the breaker. :wink:

(Zach Huett) #10

Thank You! @javery It feeks good to know from experiance

(Zach Huett) #11

I have this device showing up in smartthings but the status stays on “unknown”. Any advise?

(Zach Huett) #12

I was able to get it working by changing the device type.

(James Avery) #13

My apologies. I’ve been pretty busy with travel and work.

Good to hear you got it working!

(Zach Huett) #14

No worries, thanks for your help!

(Dale C) #15

It is hard to believe with this community that no one has tackled this device handler to get it working? Is it somewhere that I can’t find or are any of you dev types up for the challenge to update the device handler for the ZBMLC30 Model #4040B It seems as if the current solution only allows for a single output control even though there are three relays and an energy monitoring feature. @MPulse is looking for the solution.


Yes please. I just ordered one to control my pool pump & heater. Would love to independently control the second relay on ST. Energy monitoring would be a bonus but at the very least I’m hoping a developer can build a custom device type so we can control both relays.

I’d be happy to do any tests with a developer once my unit arrives and is installed.

Thx a bunch.

(Matt) #17

with the limitations of the ZBMLC30 (no load monitoring, single load only), is there any reason to go for this over the cheaper Intermatic CA3750?

(Chad Green) #18

I am having trouble with the Smartenit 4040B being set up in the app. I can get it to connect to the smartthings hub but once I go to the app it says please wait. I also can get it to turn the hot water heater on and off manually only any help would be great Thanks

(James Avery) #19

@ BOLTOR - for me it was just preference. Intermatic we’re out of the CA3750 and didn’t know when more was going to get anymore in.

(James Avery) #20

@cgreen1300 - Here’s my configuration
Name - SmartPower Outlet V1
Label - Pool Pump 1 Smartinit device
ZigBee id - 000B520000004AA3
Device Network ID - 93A6
Type SmartPower Outlet V1
Version - Published
Hub - Home Hub

Does this help?