Zigbee HA Metering Controller 4040B - How do I get Load 2 to work on Smartthings?

I received the Zigbee HA Metering Controller 4040B and I’m able to get Load 1 to be seen by Smartthings. However, I’m unable to connect Load 2 to Smartthings app.


Only currently available to turn both relays on/off at once. Not individually addressable. Will pair as SmartPower Outlet. Energy Metering currently in development. Device is also a wireless repeater.

@JAvery How did you pair the device? I am about to install one!

I used the instructions came in the box. Pretty easy. Make sure you have zigbee connection close to it. Otherwise, you will fight yourself.

Thanks @jAvery didi you pair ir as a Samsung Smartthings Outlet?

yepper. just make sure it’s within 30ft or less.

Good deal! My electrician should be installing it tomorrow. Donyou know if there is a way to turn it on and off locally? If the internet goes down, etc?

yes, there is a black button on the front. it’s kinda weird to figure it out. But you have to hold it down for #1, then it will show both a different color, but #2 won’t work with our smartthings

You can look it up on the company’s website.

I did all of my wiring myself. just need to get the colors correct and make sure you turn off the breaker. :wink:

Thank You! @javery It feeks good to know from experiance

I have this device showing up in smartthings but the status stays on “unknown”. Any advise?

I was able to get it working by changing the device type.

My apologies. I’ve been pretty busy with travel and work.

Good to hear you got it working!

No worries, thanks for your help!

It is hard to believe with this community that no one has tackled this device handler to get it working? Is it somewhere that I can’t find or are any of you dev types up for the challenge to update the device handler for the ZBMLC30 Model #4040B It seems as if the current solution only allows for a single output control even though there are three relays and an energy monitoring feature. @MPulse is looking for the solution.

Yes please. I just ordered one to control my pool pump & heater. Would love to independently control the second relay on ST. Energy monitoring would be a bonus but at the very least I’m hoping a developer can build a custom device type so we can control both relays.

I’d be happy to do any tests with a developer once my unit arrives and is installed.

Thx a bunch.

with the limitations of the ZBMLC30 (no load monitoring, single load only), is there any reason to go for this over the cheaper Intermatic CA3750?

I am having trouble with the Smartenit 4040B being set up in the app. I can get it to connect to the smartthings hub but once I go to the app it says please wait. I also can get it to turn the hot water heater on and off manually only any help would be great Thanks

@ BOLTOR - for me it was just preference. Intermatic we’re out of the CA3750 and didn’t know when more was going to get anymore in.

@cgreen1300 - Here’s my configuration
Name - SmartPower Outlet V1
Label - Pool Pump 1 Smartinit device
ZigBee id - 000B520000004AA3
Device Network ID - 93A6
Type SmartPower Outlet V1
Version - Published
Hub - Home Hub

Does this help?