Smartenit dual load

Anyone have any luck with this? Was thinking of get it it to control my 2 speed pool pump. Looks promising but then again…

I think right now it will pair as a SmartPower Outlet and will only be able to control both loads at the same time and not individually.

Cool so I can control the on/off function just not the 2 speed. Thanks

Bumping this to see if there is any progress. I want to use ZBMLC30 for my baseboard heating, with two 30A zones.

I notice in the quick start guide you can bind to load 1 and load 2 by pressing the buttons on the front. Does that make it appear as two smart switches?

One more bump.
It is kinda annoying to have a switch with 3 relays and use it as one.
If anyone from smartthings team looking at this post please tell us if this limitation is hardware/driver or it is just app is not capable to handle situation. I can volunteer to create app which will handle 3 relays for one device.

Please reply. Thank you.

To contact smartthings staff write to

We (Smartenit) worked on a handler for this. I commented about that on a different thread, but I’ll copy it here:

We have created a device handler for the ZBMLC30 with metering support and to control both loads. Link here:

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