SmartenIT ZigBee HA Metering Single Load Controller

Hello all,

just wondering if anyone is using one of these (It is on the works with smarthings list) ZigBee HA Metering Single Load Controller:

I’m hoping to simply wire this up into my existing physical switch and use it to control my lifx lights as a toglge - so instead of killing the power it will toggle the light on off via smartthings.

Surely this is a standard use case for it (even tho lifx is not officially supported).

It says on the works with smartthings list that this device will pair as a smart power outlet. But the description of the product on smartenit says " This load controller smartens any switch.". So can I use it for this use case?

Thank you

A power outlet is considered a “switch” in this context–you use it to toggle power on and off to whatever is plugged into it, just as a light switch toggles power on and off to the light fixture. So they are equivalent. :blush:

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okay cool. Smartthings support couldn’t give me a solid answer (they did try and were very helpful) and suggest I confirm with the community.

It’s going to be limited to on/off control. No dimmer or anything like that.

Yeah that’s fine. It’s really only to use as a switch. Wife has a habit of turning it off. Killing the smart lights.

So this is a pretty versatile unit by the sounds of it. Can use it as my use case (physical switch toggles the zigbee switch to toggle a smartthings action ) and also can use to control a garage door that it’s wired into (only trigger open/close). If so very cool