Zigbee Devices (LEDs) become Unresponsive

Starting a day or so ago all my LED bulbs (GE, Wemo) will stop responding to any command. Yesterday, I turned off my hub for 15+ minutes and once rebooted all LEDs worked properly again. This morning they all failed once again to respond. This time, however, I simply rebooted the hub to get them to work again.

There have been no new bulbs added (or any other device for that matter) for at least two weeks now and until just recently none posed any problems. This problem is only affecting the Zigbee LED bulbs (regardless of manufacturer). The zigbee motion detectors are working fine.

Anyone have any ideas??

What zigbee firmware level is your hub at? (Shows in the IDE)

zigbee Firmware: 1.5.4

Bear in mind all these bulbs were working fine for at least 2 weeks now. Some have been working for several months without issue. The last bulb was added 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, likely related to the problems in the other topic.

(1.54 is the latest zigbee firmware, btw, you’re good there.)