Lightify Bulbs Unresponsive

I’ve had my Smartthings v2 hub and Lightify bulbs for over a year now with no issues. Starting a couple weeks ago all of my bulbs went unresponsive. I eventually had to reset and readd all of them. Now this past week the same thing happened. I haven’t reset anything yet. I’m wondering if anyone has had similar issues. Google hasn’t turned up much of anything and I’m starting to wonder if it’s a firmware thing on the Lightify side since all my other devices are working fine.

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Along with reading the threads above, try this first.

If your Device Health is turned On in the ST app, then turn it Off. I just had someone else do this less than 25 minutes ago who had unresponsive Lightify bulbs and after turning off Device Health, they are now responsive again.


Looking in the IDE i see that for my Hub the ZigBee state is Not Functional while ZWave is Functional.

try power cycling your hub - remove the batteries and power cord

So I couldn’t get any of my lights to respond. I rebooted the hub multiple times and I tried reseting them without removing them from SmartThings. Today I removed all of my bulbs from SmartThings and reset each of them. Only problem now is no matter what I do, SmartThings doesn’t find them to pair and configure. I’m almost at the point where I might just reset my entire hub.