Zigbee devices (all) disconnected

(Gregoiredore) #1

Hi everyone
Tonight all my zigbee devices went offline, all at the same time. As nothing changed (it happened while I was sleeping)… I can’t find an explanation…
I tried unsuccessfully to disconnect/reconnect one of my bulbs…
I unplugged and disconnect the batteries for 1hour, and replugged… with no luck
Thanks for your help/advice

(jkp) #2

How close is your ST hub to your wireless router?

(Gregoiredore) #3

I have several routers (4) but the closest one is maybe 40 cm…

(jkp) #4

Assuming it is not related to any of the EU issues, you may want to try moving it 3m from the routers if you have a long Ethernet cable and see if that has any effect.

(Gregoiredore) #5

thanks, I’ll try this right now !

(Gregoiredore) #6

no better after moving away the hub…