Zigbee Aqara door/window sensor as a Zigbee watersensor

Just like my little doorbell project I used a Xiaomi Aqara door/window sensor to build a cheap watersensor. Because I have mainly Xiaomi aqara Zigbee stuff (25 sensors en power plugs and switches) I wanted to build a cheap Zigbee watersensor. I removed the small glass tube with the magnetic contact from the Aqara sensor and connected a wire to both soldering point. I already had a 433mhz watersensor that I dit not use anymore so I used the cable and the sensor to connect these to the soldering points of the removed glass tube. Works great!

Do you have a modified device handler to share that shows wet/dry instead of open/close?

Hi Jimmy,

No, that’s a minor detail. Only Open/Close message. But it’s enough to give an alert.

Not minor when you can then tie it into smart Home Monitor for other actions like closing valves. Pretty easy to do.

Check out this code for how to swap contact capability for moisture capability