Foxx Project Water Sensor on Amazon

(Andy - United Kingdom) #1

I’ve used a lot of these z-wave water sensors and found them to be reliable and at this price, very cheap!
(Think they are rebadged Aeon Labs)

A seller on Amazon has them at £14.99 (usually £39.99)

They are the kind with a cable so you can cut the plug off and use then to get almost anything to report to ST

(Steve ) #2

Like the sound of these.
I’m guessing water has to actually touch the prongs to report water?
So if I put one under my fish tank but water was dripping fast at the side it wouldn’t detect it through humidity etc ?

(Steve ) #3

Me again lol
Just ordered one anyway, thanks.
I noticed the power plugs also which seem ok and it says they repeat Zwave do you think it would repeat Zigbee also?
As i have a little zigbee contact sensor that’s slightly out of range.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #4

the power outlets are good too
I have a bunch of them
Unfortunately they only repeat z-wave

(Andy - United Kingdom) #5

Yes the water needs to touch the prongs at the same time - Not humidity
However… it doesn’t take a lot… works on your tongue :slight_smile:

(Andy - United Kingdom) #6

If you cut the plug off and bear the two wires then you can use them for lots of other things…
I have them hidden inside switches (when switch is on the sensor reads wet)

(Roy) #7

I managed to buy one at Maplin for £5!! Great little sensor.
I have mine in the Utility room, and set up in SHM with an alarm. Well I did until one rude awakening at 4:30am when a slug snook in and decided to snuggle the prongs :rofl: also managed to get a zwave extender too for the same price. :wink:

(Andy - United Kingdom) #8

I was really lucky when Maplins were selling them off
I bought 5x water sensors @ £5 and a few sockets @ £10

Unfortunately Maplins no longer have them locally and they are not in stock on the website… plus Maplins has just gone bust!

(Steve ) #9

I know I’m hoping maplins sell all their stock of cheap now lol
My water sensors arrived this morning which I’m surprised at with all the snow here :slight_smile:
Which device handler do you use for it I’ve not got round to installing it yet.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #10

Steve just use the standard handler - it will find it when you join it to ST
The only thing I have done is change a few handlers so it says things like on/off instead of wet/dry depending what I use it for.

(Steve ) #11

Cheers yeah set it up earlier no problems.
What other things can you think of to use them for ?
I like how they are AAA batteries should last a lot longer I’m guessing :slight_smile:
I’ve just looked on maplins and they have 1 to collect for a fiver lol
Can’t be bothered though it’s 30 min drive to my nearest.

(Paul Barden) #12

Brilliant Find Cobra. Thanks for sharing. So basically if I cut the 2 wires off, I have a dry contact sensor right?.

I have a use case for a 24v level sensor to monitor salt level in a water softener I have. If I wire my sensor into a 24v relay I can use the dry output from the relay to switch the water sensor.

I’ll see what deals I can get online for them!

(Kraeg) #13

Would you mind sharing your changes for on/off DTH?

I don’t want mine to show up wet/dry, but going to use it for on/off.


(Andy - United Kingdom) #14

This is how I use some of them
I just put a relay across the two wires
Two important things to note though…

If you use a N/C relay the batteries might last 3 days if you are lucky.
These are designed to be ‘dry’ most of the time and only occasionally show ‘wet’

With a N/O relay my batteries are lasting 10 months or so.

The second important thing is that you MUST use a dry switch or relay.
ANY kind of voltage connected to the wires will fry them instantly.


(Andy - United Kingdom) #15

There are just a couple of ‘labels’ to change in the DTH
I’ll dig the details out in the morning for you


(Andy - United Kingdom) #16


Look in the DTH for this section:

tiles {
		standardTile("water", "device.water", width: 2, height: 2) {
			state "wet", label: "wet", icon:"st.Weather.weather10", backgroundColor:"#FF0416" 
			state "dry", label: "dry", icon:"st.Weather.weather15", backgroundColor:"#29BA29"

Look for: label: “wet”, and label: “dry”,

Just change these to whatever you want to show in the ‘things’ page
If you change them, then save & publish it should show in the app
(You might need to refresh or close/reopen the app)


(Kraeg) #17

Ahhh you are just changing the labels, thought you might be changing its capabilities. I wanted to change mine into a momentary switch. I’ve hardly done any Groovey Programming, only modified a few slightly.

Wanting to pass it onto ActionTiles/WebCoRE as I’ve got mine wired upto a doorbell, so be ideal for using it as a momentary button.

Might have to do some digging into this one, thanks for a quick solution for now :slight_smile:


(Paul Barden) #18


Thanks for the info. I’ve purchased 2 of these. 2 is still cheaper than 1 Aeotec Dry Contact Sensor so thanks again.

BR Paul.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #19

You could add: capability.switch to the DTH but you would also have to add a couple of methods

(Kraeg) #20

Yeh, thats gone straight over my head.

I think I need to get stuck into coding with SmartThings and see what I can do…I’m ok with DOS Commands and Powershell…not so much Groovy lol