ZigBee and Z-wave devices no longer responding... Sort of

Starting yesterday I’ve noticed that my ZigBee and Z-wave network has been acting funny. None of my switches respond to cloud based apps or direct control through the SmartThings app however all local routines continue to run. Sensors are showing their updated status but locks aren’t saying when they’ve been unlocked. Has anyone had an issue similar to this?

I’ve rebooted the hub and ran a Z-wave repair which did nothing (repair didn’t even work) and then manually rebooted the hub which did work but when I woke up this morning everything was broken again.

Edit 2: just noticed that the local SmartApps that do run are ignoring their time restrictions, or at least using the wrong time. All LAN based integrations are working perfectly.

And just as quickly as the problem started, it seems to have fixed itself… hopefully it doesn’t pop up again.

I have a similar problem. My Z wave locks and thermostats are not responding to anything but my GE lamp dimmers and switches are working as expected. Also, one of my Aeon Labs recessed door sensors is working the other stopped the same time as the rest. Another thing i noticed is the messages and activity feed in the android app are delayed or nothing happens. It looks like my routines are still working correctly. I submitted a ticket Thursday and haven’t heard back. I tried removing the batteries, hitting the reset button, z wave repair, IDE reboot… still no luck. This system has been really reliable for me since I installed it a few months ago.