Zigbee 1 Gang no neutral switch module wiring

Hi everyone!

I hope this is ok here, apologies if not. I purchased a Zigbee 1 gang no neutral switch module from Ali Express. Went to install it today and couldn’t get it to work, I just wanted to double check it wasn’t my wiring before sending it back as faulty and wondered if anyone else has had one of these?


In my existing switch I have two cables going to the switch COM input (Live) and a single cable into the S1 input.

So when wiring this module today I have moved both live cables into the L input of the module, the single switched live into the L1 port of the module. And then I have connected the COM of the physical switch to the COM of the module and S1 of the module to the S1 on the physical switch.

Powered back on and nothing happened, manual use of the switch didn’t work either? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

I ordered one as well with the neutral wire. Haven’t come yet though. Are you using the generic zigbee switch handler?

This is the problem I have, I could not even power the device to a point where I could even use the switch manually, let along get it connected to SmartThings :frowning:

Just looking to see if anyone had any insight as to whether I had perhaps wired it up wrong?

Check if you have confused the live with another brown wire. Use voltimeter to verify.

Definitely the live, there are two coming down the wall for series connection and singular other cable is switched live back to the light. All cables work fine when connected back to the the standard switch

Maybe doa?