Zen Thermostat Rebooting?

Hello, new to the community…I have had my Zen thermostat for 3 days, I’ve been able to set up routines to detect when I leave and arrive, and the Zen will adjust the temperature without issue. I’ve also set up routines to change the settings when I go to bed, and when I wake up. When I go to bed, the Zen has no trouble, however, in the mornings, the Zen seems to almost reset, it will not trigger the set point change, and nor will me manually adjusting the temperature have any effect. When I go to the thermostat it will have TEST across the display, then if I scroll I see T1 and then a series of lights as if it’s rebooting or testing. If I remove the batteries then put them back in, the set point then triggers without issue. Anyone experience this or have any advice on how to correct? Thanks for the help.

I’ve had a Zen Thermostat installed since July and haven’t experienced this issue. There are times when routines don’t fire, but those are standard ST issues. I’d suggest contacting Zen support.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s definitely strange because my arriving and leaving have all triggered fine, same with my set for “bedtime”, which is just based on the time of day. It’s just the issue with over night. I will try emailing Zen support.

Yea, I’ve had a Zen since May of last year, The set points are set several times per day with routines, and it’s never done this.

Wanted to post an update for anyone interested. Zen sent me a replacement unit that I received yesterday, no issue the first night with a rebooting problem. So perhaps I received a faulty unit the first time, will send back to Zen for them to inspect.