Thermostat Setpoint not triggering

I own a v2 smart things hub. I own two Zen Thermostats, both which are great when working correctly. I have separate commands for both thermostats to change temperatures according to mine and my wife’s location. At times though, the automated functions don’t trigger when they’re suppose to. For instance, I have both thermostats at 3:45 pm to change the main floor temperature to 72 and upstairs to 65. There are times though that it will trigger only one of the commands and not the other. Today it didn’t change the main floor to 72 degrees at 3:45. Any ideas? Thanks!

scheduled functions sometimes fail. Schedule times at even hours (e.g. 6am, 5pm) and peak times (sunset, sunrise), fail more often.

Do you know of any way to have it ping the command until it registers?


since you want time-scheduled setpoint changes, that can be programmed internally to the thermostat. Anyway most programmable Tstats will do time schedules internally, not sure about zen.