Do I need a hub for each product

I apologize for such a simple question (new to this), but I’m a little confused. Do I need a brand specific hub for each brand of product I use or will the SmartThings hub control any Z wave compliant device? In other words, if I have a SmartThings Hub and say a GE dimmer switch, do also need a Wink hub?

The SmartThings hub will work with many, many Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. The SmartThings service (not the hub) is also integrated with other cloud-based services with which it can interact (Amazon Alexa, etc). Here is a page full of devices that ST officially supports:

In addition to that, user-developed and supported extensions are available that will allow your hub (and the service) to work with many other devices and services.

I have 150+ devices, only a single hub.

SmartThings (zigbee)
LIFX (wifi, cloud to cloud)
Nest (wifi, cloud to cloud)
GE (zwave)
Leviton (zwave)
Aeotec (zwave)
Aeon Labs (zwave)
LeakSmart (zigbee)
Somfy (zwave)
Wemo (wifi, lan/cloud to cloud/lan, I think this might actually be lan, not cloud)
Roku (wifi, lan to lan)
Ecolink (zwave)
Econet (zwave)
Cooper / Eaton (zwave)
Osram (zigbee)

Some users that have the Hue bulbs are using the Hue hub attached to the SmartThings network. I don’t have Hue so I can’t comment on specifics. I also know that some users have paired the Hue bulbs directly to SmartThings but I think there are a few downsides to this.


The Z-Wave and Zigbee HA stuff “mostly” works with no help. There are a lot of great products/devices that come on both protocols that work well with SmartThings.
I have some Phillips Hue bulbs and they need their own zigbee hub/bridge to be fully controllable. Then there are a bunch of products that use other technologies (mostly their cloud to the ST cloud) to integrate. Amazon Echo/Nest/Logitech Harmony/Belkin WeMo/etc.

You’ve gotten several excellent answers, but I thought I’d give you the simpler one:

The SmartThings hub is a certified Z wave controller/gateway. That means it will be able to do at least basic on/off control of any other certified Z wave device from the same region. ( US hubs cannot control UK switches or vice versa.)

A device may have some advanced capabilities which will not work with the stock Z wave device type handlers (code) provided by SmartThings, but in most of those cases it will be possible to use a custom device type handler. And most of the popular Z wave devices on the US market already have custom handlers created by SmartThings community members. :sunglasses:

Specifically in the case of the GE switches sold at Lowe’s, you’ll see in the product description that they say:

Compatible gateways and home automation systems include Iris Hub, ADT pulse, SmartThings™, Staples Connect, Nexia, Vera and more

So you’re good there, and indeed the GE switches are very popular. :sunglasses:

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