Do all Z-Wave items work with Smartthings?

Just a quick one, but do all Z-wave devices work with Smartthings?

I know Smartthings is very open source and you can connect more than whats stated on the ‘Works with Smartthings’ website.

But could i buy any Z-wave device and expect it to work with Smartthings and the app? (unless locked out, like Nest etc)

If not why not? I’ve not got a device in mind but i’d like to buy a product without the need to research for hours if it’ll work well with Smartthings.

Just trying to learn a little more about whats compatible.

Thanks in advance



Then stick to items on this list:


Yes, but it requires this…

The trigger word here is “well” :slight_smile: You may need a custom DTH to make it work well, unless you just want to use it as a repeater (if the device is mains powered).

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@sidjohn1 gave you the short answer and the simple solution, but if you’d like a few more details, see the community FAQ. (The thread title is a clickable link).

FAQ: All in one place--is there a single comprehensive list of all Devices that work with SmartThings?

To boil that down: all certified zwave devices will work at what the zwave specification calls the “basic” level: on/off/dim for a single endpoint. But any advanced/optional features may require custom code.

So straight out of the box, a device like this

Might only expose the first socket to SmartThings. (Or might turn on all the sockets together rather than individually, depending on how the manufacturer interpreted “basic”).

And a device like this, which is a handheld remote,

Might not work at all straight out of the box, because the remote itself can’t be turned on, and it uses advanced features for the information that it sends to the hub to control other devices.

So both certified zwave, both nice devices, but they don’t work out of the box with SmartThings because their functionality depends on advanced commands.

They can be made to work with custom code, one reason power users really like SmartThings, but that doesn’t meet a plug and play requirement.

As @sidjohn1 suggested, stick to Devices on the official “works with SmartThings” list, and everything will be easier. :sunglasses: