RoomThermostat - uk (2018)

Hi guys - could any one suggest a thermostat that works in UK to turn on combi boiler.

I currently have a heatmiser which has its own app to control from any where, but i now want to intergrate the heating with smart things

Any ideas

I have the Hive Thermostat working fine within SmartThings.

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Thanks Steve,

Did you have to buy the hive hub etc cuz it looked expensive?

Yeah you have to buy it.
But no matter which thermostat you get you’ll have to buy the hub, they won’t work directly with SmartThings.
I got mine last black Friday with everything and self install for £113

There’s a quite inexpensive thermostat and boiler controller set (two devices) available at Vesternet that uses Z wave, so it joins directly to the smartthings hub, no additional bridge or cloud required. It’s very basic, just a simple thermostat and boiler control, but there are quite a few UK members using it. Cost for the set is typically about £85. :sunglasses:

There’s a DTH and discussion in the following thread (this is a clickable link) if you’d like to talk to people who are actually using it:

@brumster might have more to add.

( note that although there was a platform problem about two years ago that did cause the integration to stop working for a while, that has since been fixed. See the later post in the thread. )


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Thanks, Steve

I currently have a hestmiser themstat which has its own app - I works fine but it not part of smartthings

Thanks m8

Also the one suggested does not appear to be 7 days programmable

Come on - mon - Fri 20 degrees
8am 15 degrees
5pm 21 degrees

Sat - sun 8am 21 degrees

You can do the schedule programming in SmartThings, the device itself doesn’t have to support it. :sunglasses:

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Where that then… I looked in routines etc.

Cuz I thought about using the Samsung multi sensor to monitor temp and buy a z wave relay to switch the boiler on
I couldn’t find the routine to schedule it with in smartthings???

Normally SmartApps will let you achieve that.
If there’s no dedicated smartapp for it get Webcore and that will do it for you.
But to get a decent relay that will cost you at least £30 so you might as well add that little bit extra and get the thermostat that JD linked to.

Just what I needed! Thanks JD!

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Thanks guys

Hi all. Apologies for the delayed response here. Manic!

I actually have 4 of these in use and they are working well (for me anyway). The stat and boiler switch talk to each other using z-wave and then you pair the stat with ST. Using the handler that was created by @meavydev (top man) results in a pretty good solution given the price!

Note that because the Stat is battery powered it wakes up periodically to get SetPoint changes from the controller (SmartThings). I have this set to 15 mins, so if you change the temp on the SmartThings app the Stat will update when it next wakes up (which could be up to 15 mins later).

Available from eBay for about 40 quid for the room stat and the boiler switch

I use WebCore to schedule setpoint changes. As an example:

Stat 1 (upstairs - bedrooms):

  • Set to 21 at 6:45
  • Set to 16 at 08:00
  • Set to 21 at 18:00
  • Set to 17 at 18:45

Stat 2 (downstairs)

  • Set to 20 at 6:45
  • Set to 16 at 22:30

As a further side note I have the boiler switches for the other two stats wired in parallel to the 3rd zone of the heating system. i then use Danfoss TRV’s on the radiators so that I can heat two areas/rooms that are used infrequently.

Final point, these used to be made by Secure: