Z-wave security integration Napco

Has anyone tried integrating with a z-wave (hardwire) security system. Napco I-bridge (http://www.napcosecurity.com/intrusion.html )? My house has 20-year old Napco system. Would prefer to install new front-end/panels and integrate with ST vs. trying the Arduino method.
Honeywell tuxedo touch system doesn’t look like my solution (appears it would replace the ST capability).

I also have a napco system that I was looking to integrate. Has anyone shed any light on this for you yet? I found these two items on amazon and read they may work but ST staff cant confirm because they havent tested.

It would be a waste of $300 if it didnt work :confused:

Curious if anyone else has found a better way…

Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but of course I just got my alarm system setup and it’s a Napco setup.

I’ve seen a few youtube videos of their zwave integration, but I have no idea if this would actually integrate in any way with ST.

I assume I might have to bite the bullet and buy the device and hopefully with some debugging someone in the community might be able to assist.

I have like 20 zones in the house so being able to tap into the system this way would be awesome (rather than the minolite “armed/disarmed” thing that I see in other threads).

I have a Napco system, and I installed the iBridge device.

It is a pain in the neck, and, without having an installer, Napco doesn’t allow you to even use the iBridge apps remotely.

I have not been successful adding any zwave devices to the napco panel (tried with a kwikset lock and a revolv hub) using the ibridge app.

I have had some success connecting to the ibridge over tcp (port 8001 and 8002) and haven’t figured out the protocol but it does send basically all the messages you see on your keypads out over those ports in plain text as well as some hex codes.

I have not figured out how to arm or disarm via these ports, but, this is how the ibrdge app (which works on local network) allows for arming and disarming.

I am interested in doing this also. I am not familiar on the way you bridge a two hubs. I have read in the forums that people bridge their Smarthings setup with the Amazon Echo. I curios if you can iBridge.

Prindle19 it is not that hard to sign up to be a installer for Napco. They provide all the documentation on how to do things. I signed up.

found this thread on I m curious to see if anyone has been successful with integrating Napco ibridge to ST? I have an old working Napco system that I would love to use all of the sensors with ST.

I bet this would work