Hi, new to ST and I want to integrate my NAPCO security system (or rip the damn thing out and upgrade it to a DSC / Honeywell that has better DIY Home Automation support.

But, for now I’ve added the NAPCO IBridge ZRemote module, and have it working nicely on the local network with the Android iBridge app.

Because I didn’t work through a dealer, I don’t have any way to use my ibridge remotely (they tunnel everything to some centralized service), so, the app only works on my local network, but, it works.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to use the Zwave capability of this module to connect to ST - they don’t seem to see each other; but I’ve also not had any luck getting any other Zwave devices to join the NAPCO Zwave - even with an extender in the mix.

However, I’ve noticed that the Android App uses TCP to talk over the local network and lets me see a virtual keypad that acts like a real keypad; takes arm and disarm commands, and will show the message bus that shows up on all the keypads in the house whenever a zone is opened, or, just the default SYSTEM READY.

I also noticed that by navigating to the ip address of the module on my local network, I can see a status page:

And, seeing that port 8000 is open (so are 8001 and 8002) I can telnet in on that port (until I get disconnected after 20 second timeout) and see the message bus messages!

You can see the “SYSTEM READY 11/02/15 09:58” status.

If I open a zone, or set the alarm from another keypad while connecting, I’ll see the zone open messages and the count down too.

So, I’m guessing this is pretty promising, if not for complete control, at least monitoring zone status.

I also did a packet capture from my phone while using the iBridge app so I’m going to share that here. If anyone wants to take a look, and maybe have some ideas on how we could utilize the TCP connection to control or monitor the system in ST - I’d really appreciate it and I’m sure others with NAPCO systems would too.

iBridge PCAP for Wireshark

I figure if nothing else, I can hack some python up and make a server on my local network that just keeps a TCP connection alive to the module and then exposes an API of what it captures available to ST.

I also came across this github repository for serial control (I have a serial connection to the panel for local programming.) I don’t know how these java files are intended to be deployed, but, there’s a lot of good info as far as the commands that are sent / received by the NAPCO Gemini boards which might be useful to:

NAPCO Serial Conrol (JAVA) (GitHUB)


Do you have any updates on what can or can’t be done with NAPCO?

Can it send messages to ST?
Can it send emails that I can then use to trigger ST through IFTTT?
Can it receive messages from ST?