New device appeared from nowhere

Just did a z-wave repair and this device appeared from nowhere. Has anybody seen that before?

AFAIK the hub has limited interaction with the z-wave chip. For e.g. it can’t remove orphaned devices. If this was a device that was paired earlier and left over because somehow it was orphaned, it could be that device id coming back. You have devices with an id after 0x21?

Maybe @duncan or @Bryce_Geiser could throw more light on it.

Had one about 1 year ago. Interesting thing is that z-wave repair completed with no errors. I deleted this device and rerun z-wave repair and now I have 2 orphan devices, 59 and 5A which I also had before.

If you look in the Z-Wave section of the Hub details page, is Suc ID the same as Node ID? If not, network repair requests a network update from the primary controller, which can lead to devices being re-added to SmartThings.


They are and both are 01. However, it added something that doesn’t exist (right after firmware update) and upon removing the fake device I now have ghost devices 59 and 5A.