Z-Wave repair failed to read protocol

I haven’t been able to run a clean repair for the past few days because random devices fail with a new error (to me, at least).

Does anyone know what “Network repair for node [XX]: Failed to read protocol info” is, and how do you solve it? This is new one to me. Failed devices are working fine before and after repair. @JDRoberts any thoughts?

It’s been reported in the past several times by various members when they had a corrupt device. It usually means there’s a device you have to remove from the network and then re-add it. But it won’t necessarily be the device that you got the message for if the problem was a repeater after that. Usually people remove the repeater device most Recently added and run the repair to see if that fixes it. But really it’s your choice as to where to start. You can start with the device that’s giving the message if you want. But since you’re getting the same error from different devices, it’s probably a repeater that they are all trying to Use.


Update: looks like perseverance and a step stool to get to some sensors and pull the batteries out did the trick for now. Thanks for your quick response.