Need help with buggered Z-WAVE network


I’m having an issue with my Z-WAVE network. Read through a number of threads that I thought would help, but they didn’t.

I added a distant Z-WAVE contact sensor. It’s responding intermittently. It’s the Ecolink sensor, and the light is staying lit, indicating it’s not getting a return signal. I think it’s trying to route through a non-existent/non-functional mains repeater.

I’m noticing two things that are both related to the Iris 3210-L outlet Z-WAVE repeater that I had installed at one time:

  • When I check the route for the new contact sensor in the IDE, it shows: This Device (12) ↔ Unknown Device (0B) ↔ [Home Hub]

  • When I perform a Z-WAVE repair it yields three error messages: Network repair for device [15]: could not assign new route, could not delete old routes, could not update neighbors.

Device addresses 0B and 15 were both assigned to the Iris repeater at one point in time. I suspect they are “ghost” devices. I’ve tried re-creating the devices in the IDE, assigning a generic Z-WAVE device type, and then deleting them from the app. As far as I can tell they are gone, other than to have them both appear in these instances.

Can anyone lend a hand to delete these and clean up the route for this new contact sensor?


How far out is the ecolink device.
Did you replace the Iris device after you deleted it.

Not far at all, but it’s the only one that has the Iris repeater in between it and the hub, so the only one giving me trouble. It’s at the back door of my house.

I replaced it after deleting it which is by I have an 0B and 15 device address. The 15 was from the second time of adding it back.

Define not far. Over 30’ and you probably NEED that repeater.

So did you complete fhe ghost device removal attempt on 0B and 15?

Did you successfully re-add the Iris or another repeater?

I think I completed the ghost device removal on 0B and 15, but clearly they’re not all gone if they are showing in those error messages.

Maybe I’m not doing it right…

Plus when I re-added it as 15, it was still showing 0B in the route.

It wont clear out of the route until you successfully complete a ZWave repair.

It wont complete a ZWave repair if its out of range.

So, how far is it and did you add the repeater back or no?

It’s at my back door, one level down and 10’ out from the hub.

I have one at my garage side door that’s a good 40’ away and isn’t having any issues.

For grins I may just move it next to the hub and re-repair.

Rhats whatbi was going to suggest. But without moving it. If it wont pair there it has a range issue.

Range isnt just a function of distance m it also mattefs whats between the device and the hub. Like power and walls and things.

For instance, One side of my house needs a repeater to get 20’ because it passes by the 220v line that bisects my home.

So leave it in place, exclude and reset it then attempt to rejoin. If it wont join you need a solid repeater.

Now I’ve got a third device in address 1A. Will do a Z-WAVE repair and see what it picks up.

Failure, could not update neighbors on the new Iris Repeater/Extender.

Though now the new contact sensor is routed to my siren then the hub, Better route that through a ghost device I imagine.

Now I’m sure I’ll be unable to remove 1A as well, now that I know it’s not functioning as a repeater…