Z-wave Relay low voltage powered

I’m looking to automate my house gate, and I’m trying to identify z-wave relays that do not require 120V AC, as my gate controller is power by 24V AC. Any low voltage powered relay will do (does not have to be 24V). The only relay I have identified is the GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1, but this one requires 120V AC.
Is there any other alternative?


Being an outside gate, and most likely a bit further away from the house, wouldn’t it be better to use a wifi solution? You can get a ESP8266 module and low voltage relay setup for about $12 USD, and have it wifi powered. That would give you a substantial range over z-wave.

Actually the gate is on the side, line up with the front of the house, and in z-wave range. When I installed the gate controller I only brought the required 24V AC in a small low voltage conduit it, and I’d prefer to leverage the existing infrastructure, rather than pulling new wires.
The ESP8266 could be a solution but it seems that it would require quite some work to integrate with my existing SmartThings setup…

Actually, using the ESP8266 would be very easy with SmartThings, thanks to someone who has already built a firmware and device handler.

Using that firmware, and these devices:
https://www.amazon.com/HiLetgo-Version-NodeMCU-Internet-Development/dp/B010O1G1ES ($8.79)
https://www.amazon.com/JBtek-Channel-Module-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B00KTEN3TM ($4.99)

You can have a 24VAC powered 4 channel relay wifi board with no soldering. And since using the NODEMCU board for the ESP8266, don’t even need to do all the work they do in the SONOFF thread, since the NODEMCU has built in USB access.

But looks like Robin knew of some low voltage Z-Wave, so that works also.

I am also looking for a DC low-voltage relay to enable control of remote solar-powered devices. This TKB TZ06U relay module says it can be powered from a 24VDC power source. However I haven’t found a retailer that is selling it in the US, and I haven’t seen any information on SmartThings integration yet. Maybe it’s new?

Does anyone have more information on this low-voltage z-wave relay?


We have a kit for this very purpose. Both courtyard gates and driveway gates. water proof and covered gates, we have you covered,
The Driveway Gate Kit uses a waterproof overhead door switch and a Z-Wave Plus door switch for status of the gate and a Z-Wave Plus appliance module and a simple to install relay for triggering the gate.
You can even use this kit If your gate is outside the range of your Z-Net.

The covered or courtyard Pedestrian Gate Kit is the same as the Driveway Gate Kit but does not include the waterproof overhead door switch.
You can check them all out here.