Z-Wave Pulse counter transmitter for UK?


(Elliott Veares) #1

Hi all, does anyone know of a battery powered Z-Wave device what I can connect a pulse counter to and use it to measure how many pulses per hour, day, week, etc…

Basically, I want a device that will actively allow me to measure my water consumption on a real time basis, and I could not find anything for the UK market other than a device from Secure what is only compatible with a few water meters.

I did however find the “Elster Inductive Pulse Module for V200 & V210” what would fit my Elster V210 water meter that I have.

Thus does anyone know of such a battery powered device (Z-Wave or otherwise) what I could use with the above Elster Inductive Pulse Module and integrate into my SmartThings platform to measure my water usage.

Regards: Elliott.

(Eric) #2

I’d try Aeotec Z‑Wave Dry Contact Sensor. I don’t know the minimum pulse time it will read.

My process using this sensor, does lose about 1 ON or OFF event in 40-50 or so, in monitoring HVAC fan runtime. That loss could be anywhere in the reporting chain to me - in the sensor, in the wireless connection to hub, in the ST cloud handling, or in the IOT data collection service.

I don’t think there is a standard device type with built-in statistics ready to use for your purpose. In my case I would have the IOT service produce the statistics.

There are a few people that posted water meter installations, search for those. I haven’t gotten around to installing mine yet.

(Elliott Veares) #3

Thanks, but not sure how effective the battery life on that will be, being it will likley get a few hundred pulses a day. (A pulse for every liter of water used!)

(Eric) #4

I can endorse it as a contact sensor because I use 2 regularly for about a year. They are very sleepy devices that just wake for on/off events. I haven’t checked the voltage directly but the battery report is still 100% on both, and they report events every day.

HVAC and attic fan runtimes will have fewer cycles than a water meter but I have already planned to use this sensor for water meter - if the pulses are long enough then it will read. By hand, I could not make a pulse that failed to read.

Reading down to liter seems overspec’d anyway.

(Elliott Veares) #5

The below may be another solution, if only one would remake or update the official SmartThings Smappee smart app to incorporate the Smappee Gas & Water monitor.