Driveway sensor, need a Zigbee/Z-wave module (UK)

I’m planning on using one of these:

So when the beam is broken, it’ll close the volt-free NO contacts. I need a Zwave/Zigbee module that I can wire this into (to fire the event in ST itself) - I’m thinking of hacking apart an Aeotec Panic button and soldering the output to the button contacts, but I’d prefer a proper module if such a thing exists. Is anyone aware of something that I could use for this (in the UK)?
This guy has the same idea:

But the sensors he’s using (Schlage RS100HC) aren’t available this side of the pond.

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Thanks, unfortunately I can’t find that in the UK (not available on Amazon aside from a 3rd party reseller for silly money), that’s looks like the sort of thing I’d be after though.

Easiest way is either a Fibaro door sensor with dry contacts or…
The thing that I use all the time, a water sensor
Just cut the plug off the sensor and connect across your n/o contact
When the contact closes the sensor shows wet

Recently Maplins had them on offer but not sure that they have any left

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Nice, thank you! My local Maplin had one left for 7.99, so I’ve just paid and reserved it. Looks like it’ll do the job :slight_smile:

I recently bought 6 at that price ‘just in case’ :slight_smile:
Actually I’m looking to use a couple for some in-wall switches I have an idea for

Maplins did have the sockets at silly prices too - I think the fox project stuff is quite good. Reliable too.

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