Z-Wave Plus Contact Sensor with Temp?

Does such a thing exist? I did a search and didn’t find anything.

I’ve been trying to use an Iris contact sensor on my shed door and while Iris for all my indoor needs are just awesome, it’s not cutting it outside through brick walls - very intermittent connection even with a repeater in the inside of the house very close to it.

I have some Ecolink ZW+ contact sensors outside some way from the house that work great but no temp capability.

Dome Pro has a temperature sensor built in:

@thesmartesthouse should be able to answer any questions about it. :sunglasses:

Philio’s c variant has a temperature sensor, but it’s hard to find on the US zwave frequency, and the reviews aren’t great. It’s easier to find in the UK frequency.

Inovelli had one in their previous line, but it’s sold out and I’m not sure if there’s one in the new line coming out later this year or not.



Thanks JD!

The Dome sensor isn’t currently in stock and we’re not sure if/when we’ll restock but the Fibaro Door Window Sensor 2 has a built-in temperature sensor: https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/fibaro-z-wave-plus-door-window-sensor-2-fgdw-002?variant=38098945553

It’s natively supported by SmartThings too.

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Hey, so yeah we will be launching a new sensor, however, it’s likely not going to be until late 2019 as we have a lot of other projects we have to develop first. I may have some extra’s around the office if you need a small qty, but I can’t promise anything.

Appreciate the shoutout @JDRoberts!

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Thanks Eric. I think I am good for now.

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I had used a mi temperature/humidity sensor outdoors and it connected fine. It just freaked out in low temperature and is not weatherproof.