Looking for Door/Windows sensor Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus

I want to change 3 of my Samsung Door/Windows sensor, too many issues with this sensor so I am looking for Door/Windows sensor Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus, any recommendation.

Have you looked at the Iris sensors (if you’re in the U.S.)? Are you looking for zwave(+) devices so they leverage your zwave mesh for reliability?

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I am in the U.S. Yes I am looking reliability, I will use on my 3 doors.

Perhaps before replacing the Samsung sensors, make sure you’re not having any issue with the 24.11 firmware release. Also, consider adding a zigbee repeater to your mesh (if you already do, rebuild it by powering the hub down for at least 20 minutes). This will help a lot, and if you’re using any ST presence sensors, it will help them too. The cost of a single repeater will be cheaper than replacing the sensors. Lastly, make sure you don’t have any interference between your router and ST hub, especially if they’re both on the same channel.

I’ve replaced all my zwave (plus or not) with Iris devices, so I can’t provide an honest recommendation for you; but hopefully some others can chime in that use zwave plus sensors. There are also a few similar discussions already in the Community, so you may want to search past posts.

From just poking around a little, these seem to be discussed often:

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Hi @johnconstantelo,

Thank you very much for your reply, I have Iris 3210-L works as a repeater one of my Smartthing is really close like 1 foot, so have problems with this sensor last 2 years… I’ve been trying to fix this problem for long time. I have WADWAZ-1 works very well.

I am really disappointed to Smartthing, I start to move to Habitat, not all at same time.

Again thank you for you advice I order Monoprice Z-wave Plus NO LOGO.

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These are inexpensive and work great. I have about 20 deployed around my house for over 2 years. Battery life and reliability are better than expected. Also they detect temperature.

Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor


@Timffba How are they now that it’s been over 3? It looks like the smartthings branded one is cheaper now, but 1 in 5 gives that one a 1 star review.

I’ve had mine since Feb 2018, and they’ve been flawless. Very highly recommended. I got them here: https://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/visonic-mct-340-e-wireless-door-window-temperature-sensor-2.4ghz-zigbee-now-works-natively-with-samsung-smartthings-hub/

At that time, they were on sale for $10 each, so I bought 10. I’m waiting for the price to drop again and get 10 more. In fact, I just recently changed the batteries in 4 of them, so battery life is great, too! I think I changed the battery in my front door sensor (used the most) a year ago.

Still working great. I even have one outside on my fence door. Haven’t had any fail.

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