Z-Wave Plus Bulbs? (2020)

I’m not having much luck finding a reasonably priced white (color will do) A19 Z-Wave bulb. Circumstances dictate that I need to replace a zigbee outdoor lantern bulb with a Z-Wave one so that I can use it as a repeater. The end-device I’m trying to control is just out of range and the bulb is the closest powered device to it.

Are the Aeotec bulbs discontinued or has everyone sold out? Personally I don’t care if it is another brand as long as it is a Z-Wave repeater and is compatible with the SmartThings V3 hub.

Inovelli has one:

Monoprice has an RGBW:


GoControl is discontinuing theirs, which means you can find some of them cheap

There have been a couple of others, but none that I saw currently for sale under $45. I think there will be a new one from Nortek later this year under the new brand-name, but probably not worth waiting for.

All of these are intended for indoor only, though, so it would need to be sheltered and not extreme temperatures.

Excellent, thank you! I just ordered the Inovelli.


Great! Give us a review after you’ve had it for a few weeks, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested. :sunglasses:

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Early days but the bulb is working just fine. My distal Z-wave devices are all under control so the repeater function is performing. I wish the bulbs were closer to zigbee prices but it was still a small price to pay to enable what I wanted to do.

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I just got one of the Ilumin Z-wave bulbs to replace a Cree Zigbee (I have been having issues with all my Zigbee bulbs lately) and it’s working great so far (have had for 2 weeks). Just ordered another one.

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