GoControl Zwave Bulbs, 5/$75 at Homeseer

I noticed the prices on the Linear/GoControl zwave bulbs are starting to come down a little, I don’t know if that means they’re going to have a Z wave plus version coming out or not. But the current version Is zwave classic. These are white only dimmable smart bulbs, regular A19 size . These bulbs are 750 lm, which is pretty good for a smart bulb, roughly the light equivalent of an incandescent 60 W but drawing 9 W of power.

Unlike the zigbee bulbs, which tend to only repeat for other bulbs, Z wave bulbs are reliable repeaters as long as they are on power. This makes them useful for places like basement stairs or garages where having a zwave repeater overhead can really help with coverage.

Homeseer has several bundles on sale, including five for $75.

They also have a smart switch cover +2 of the bulbs for $68, and since the cover typically sells for about $45, that’s another good price if you can use the bulbs.