Why No More Z-Wave Bulbs Anywhere? (2020)

Why do none of the major retailers (Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s) sell z-wave bulbs? I can’t find z-wave bulbs anywhere other than on eBay or sketchy sellers on Amazon. There was a thread from early 2020 where people pointed to Inovelli and Monoprice, both of which no longer have any in stock. I feel like as recently as a few months ago, there were many options, but now everything I see is zigbee, bluetooth, or wifi. Does the Z-wave protocol not work well in light bulbs or something?

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I would say try inovelli for their Ilumin RGBW Smart Bulb but their website is currently not available :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s my point - nothing is available anywhere. I was just wondering if there’s something I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just the pandemic slowing down production on items.

They are back online

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I’ve never seen Z wave light bulbs in any of the big box stores. Z wave Products almost always has a couple of brands in stock, so I would check with them first.

Oh, and check product description carefully if you buy them anywhere else: Zipato, for example, makes both Zigbee and Zwave bulbs with almost identical product descriptions.

Also…Fantem is the company that made the Oomi Home Automation system. It uses a combination of Zwave and NFC chips. Pretty expensive relative to the competition, and it just never took off. Aeotec made quite a few of their devices and they will look very similar to the Aeotec models, but there are a few differences, in particular the inclusion of the NFC chip.

Anyway, these days Fantem seems to mostly be selling their extra inventory on Amazon. Still expensive. They should work at the basic level as a generic Z wave device. But I don’t know what color control is like.

I mention them just because you may find them during a search on Amazon.

The tap and touch feature works only with their own gateway.

Hmm, maybe I am wrong about seeing them in big box stores. Thanks for the input! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy (though it’s possible I am for other reasons)

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