Z-wave outlet to turn off gas water heater

Hey DIY-ers,
I’m trying to turn off a gas water heater when no one is home, and at night, turning back on before we wake up.
The gas valve plugs into an outlet. Is there any particular danger (either to the water heater, or to my family) in using a z-wave outlet to turn on and off the gas valve?

the gas valve plugs into an outlet? Or the exhaust fan does? If it truly is the valve, how will your pilot stay lit if the gas valve is shut?

I wonder will you use more energy heating a full tank once or twice a day vs. setting your temp on a lower setting and leaving it always on?

I just installed 200+ HWH in a community and they plug in. There is no pilot light as they are electronic igniters. Sad to report, that the maintenance men are clueless as to how to light them if they go into trouble status!

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I have the same water heater by reheem? Problem is you will need to keep the temp at a minimum 122F so I think it’s a better option is to buy the WiFi module? Not sure how reliable with the module since I don’t have one but something to think about unless you can get the temp reading and turn the switch back on if temp at 122F.

Did a little research. Seems like we have another way of squeezing more energy savings from using ST!


Yeah, I actually read that one earlier. Discussion of off/on refers mostly to electric water heaters. However, it does have some good notes about the pluses of turning it off when not in use.

Can you help me understand why it needs to be kept above 122F?

Don’t know. That’s why I’m asking…

yeah, you definitely need to figure that out. Don’t want to shutoff your vent fan and have gas fumes staying in your house.

122F is likely the minimum to avoid the proliferation of illness causing bacteria in your water heater.

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The new Reheem gas/electric control heater doesn’t have a pilot light. It’s using 120V ignitor to start the gas. It also closes the vent door when off as well. I have this heater unless he’s talking about something else.

I have a pretty generic heater. Don’t think it has a vent fan, but it def. has a pilot

From the sounds of it, I risk a lot by just turning on and off the electricity (pilot lights, disease in tank, etc.)
Thank you all for the helpful information!

So you read somewhere in this thread that he has this same make and model?

No I didn’t but I did say unless he has something else.